Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Wild & Crazy Guy!

Steve Martin - The ORIGINAL
Wild and Crazy Guy
First off - before we go any further.  Anybody who has my birthday on their calendars as March 3rd - blow it out your ear!  I just checked my birth certificate, and it clearly states I was born March 4th.  I was there, although I do not recall much about the date, other than maybe I was crying some, and pooping my drawers, and wanting to be fed.  I am sure if you ask Mary - she will be most astute in letting folks know the crazy coot hadn't changed. Yeah whatever.  I am not the only stubborn ol' cuss in the family.  Its just that Friday is my birthday - so grant me a small measure of whine and grouch.

My new "throne"
Now - don't say that my wife Mary doesnt have a sense of humor.  After all....she married me.  We have been mulling a few options about some of the things we need to work on in the house.  Actually the list is so long I don't even bother looking any more, but little reminders like the vanity and sink in the bathroom, the carpet in the kitchen, and a singing toilet are all signs that the hunny do list needs addressing.  As we discussed these things the other night, our toilet started singing to us upon flush.  Again. It was then my wife had an epiphany - why not get the ol' geezer a new toilet.  For his birthday.  After all...he is the king of his castle why not a new throne right?  Now - to me a present is something you go get, gift wrap and present ready to use.  Oh no - not the toilet.  I had to go buy the blessed stool myself with MY money, and then had to install the durn thing.  Well, after a little prodding ands cajoling off I went, purchased a nice tall toilet, got it home, installed it, and then the water line was about 4 inches too short, which gave the guy at Menards a chuckle.  Got the new water line on, and violay!  No more singing toilet.  No ribbon, no wrapping paper.  Not even a cake or a cookie!  Maybe I will spoil myself just a tad and have a small dram of that 15 year old scotch in my office.  Don't drink it much, but it sure is smooth!

Wanting to RIDE!
The good thing about tomorrow is its the signal that spring, and RIDING season, are upon us.  THANK GOD!  I never thought this winter would end.  The cover is off the bike for a few minor repairs.  I sent the seat in to be reworked and repadded.  It should be back here next week.  I have a couple things to check, and then grab a full inspection by the mechanic, just to make sure I am not missing anything.  Those inspections may seem a bit spendy, but a little money and effort now can literally save your life.  A couple weeks ago it got up to almost 70 degrees - mighty tempting to go for a ride, but with all the sand and grit and water around, I chose to stay in.  Still have a couple other items to get.  A new brake pedal pad would finish off the accents.  I did install a new luggage rack on the back, and all I need is a little nicer weather.  I am taking a couple days next month to attend a concert in Chicago.  Might be a nice time to take the bike over to the hotel and then meet up with some friends.

To all y'all well wishers.  Thank you for remembering!  Now.....what was I doing?

Peace and Love!